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Ipb Blog 1.0 Final WORK!

Скрипты Ipb Blog 1.0 Final WORK!

Цена: 3
Просмотров: 23236
Продаж: 1
Количество: 0 шт.
Продавец: Алексей Михайлов Иванович (Все товары продавца)

Ipb Blog 1.0 Final WORK

Инструкция по инсталяции в архиве.

Invision Community Blog 1.0.0 Final

Bug fixes:
* File type image next to attachments did not show
* Comments javascript gives & in URL, when copying to browser this is an invalid link
* Ignored members where not being ignored on Blog comments
* Moved RSS feed tags to templates and titles to language file
* Some skin refinements
* Calendar day link does not allways show entries posted on that day
* Language fixes in AdminCP and UserCP
* UCP Blog Settings external linked Blog type setting is not kept

New features:
* Ability to disable Trackback pings from AdminCP
* Ability to disable Trackbacks on entries from AdminCP
* Ability to disable Trackbacks on entries from UserCP
* Ability to sort the Blog list by clicking on the header titles
* Ability to choose auto hide/allways show for the entry option buttons
* Oracle support added

Invision Community Blog 1.0.0 PF4

Bug fixes:
* Custom BB codes returned wrong links when using Friendly URL"s
* Entry skin has been cleaned up

New features:
* Trackback

Invision Community Blog 1.0.0 PF3

Bug fixes:
* Language fixes (
* Mini Calendar previous month failing (
* One day view sometimes gives wrong entries
* Installer re-caching of templates does not use image_url setting
* Added better error tekst to error messages
* Custom Content Block delete might delete wrong Content Block
* CBlock attachments fix
* Non-XHTML compliant tags in Blog list page
* Redirect page on content blocks edit does not load CSS when friendly URL"s are used
* Attachment do not show up when using a non default attachment dir

New features:
* Admin add Content Blocks
* Blog statistics
* Edit/Delete Blogs from AdminCP
* Help text



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